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What are the benefits of a Polycarbonate embossed sheet?
What are the benefits of a Polycarbonate embossed sheet?

A Polycarbonate embossed sheet is well suited for shading and preventing glare. In addition, these sheets are lightweight, easy to install, heat resistant, and able to resist weathering, ultraviolet rays, and temperature.

Polycarbonate embossed sheet: Best Features

  • Unbreakable
  • Install Easily
  • Heat resistance
  • Light transmission is high

Polycarbonate hollow sheet: Main Application

Polycarbonate hollow sheets are commonly used in agricultural greenhouses since they are a modern agricultural greenhouse lighting device with almost all agricultural greenhouse specifications characteristics.

In the greenhouse industry, as a direct result of the hollow polycarbonate sheet's transparency, heat resistance, impact resistance, and weatherability, this product has become a tornado. In addition, the Polycarbonate hollow sheet began to penetrate more industries with fire retardant properties.

  • Agricultural Greenhouse

Agricultural greenhouses are the first application of a Polycarbonate hollow sheet designed to match the various heat-preservation requirements. Hollow polycarbonate sheet made from a twin-wall panel, three-wall sheet, four-wall sheet, or honeycomb sheet, with a thickness ranging from 6 mm to 20 mm.

  • Canopy Raised

Applying a light plate to a carport canopy for apparent light efficiency in a greenhouse is also on the agenda. The product has high impact resistance, long lifespan, cold bending ability, color variety, bright illumination, environmental safety, and long service life.

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