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Types of polycarbonate sheet
Types of polycarbonate sheet

Types of polycarbonate sheet, Types of polycarbonate roofing sheets

As a polycarbonate sheet manufacturer, you may be impressed with the strength, elasticity and bearability of polycarbonate sheet. But it will be a moment of celebration for polycarbonate industry, and TONON Polycarbonate, a noted pc sheet manufacturer who are committed to produced PC sheets in many forms and types to meet a wide range of narrow applications. As we may realized, the flexibility of polycarbonate allows almost unlimited manufacturing methods. No matter what polycarbonate sheet you need, there will be a perfect PC sheet solution to meet these needs. At TONON Polycarbonate, we wholeheartedly embrace this flexibility by providing a series of amazing polycarbonate sheet products, each of which is designed to meet specific needs, but has common durability and efficacy.

Types of polycarbonate sheet that TONON Polycarbonate offers:

  • Clear polycarbonate sheet
  • Colour polycarbonate sheet
  • Polycarbonate mirror sheet/ Polycarbonate mirror
  • Wear resistant (AR) polycarbonate sheet
  • Multi layer polycarbonate sheet

1. Clear polycarbonate sheet

Nowadays, some places such as skylights, balcony, bus shelter and other places where transparency is required, clear polycarbonate sheet becomes the first option. Here are the reasons for this:

  • Higher impact resistance
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Excellent tensile strength
  • Anti-yellowing, fogging, breakage

A study has shown that clear PC sheet has proven to be a better material because of its durability and clarity.

2. Colour polycarbonate sheet

Most consumers look to colour polycarbonate sheet for its strong and beautiful appearance. It can be used as polycarbonate film for your display or advertisement.

Product information:

Material 100% new polycarbonate
Width 2100mm
Length 6m
Thickness 6mm,8mm,10mm
Colors Clear,grey,brown,green,blue,opal,orange,red or customized.


1)light transmission: 35% to 90%;

2)Impact resistance:the impact resistance strength is 250 times of ordinary glass and 30 times of organic glass;

3)Weather resistance&Ultraviolet resistance:temperature resistance range is -40℃ to +120℃,with an ultraviolet coextruded film on the sheet surface.It can prevent the resin fatigue or yellowing caused by the ultraviolet.

4)Flame resistance:the fire retardant is regarded as Grade B1;

5)Sound insulation:the hollow structure has a good sound insulation effect;

6)Heat insulation:heat conduction coefficient is lower that ordinary glass with a better hear insulation and preservation effect;

7)Light weight:only 1/2 of the weight of glass of the same thickness.It can be easily cold bent as well as thermal shaping.These eye-catching colors-combined with the ability of polycarbonate to be cut or shaped on-site-make your imagination the only limit to your design.

Color polycarbonate sheet offers more alternative choices for purpose uses, which enhances the guarantee of your facility while maintaining the beauty. Aside from that, these color PC sheet can reflect up to 70% of the solar energy, thereby reducing incident radiation, and even on the hottest days, the areas where color polycarbonate panels covered still remain cool.

3. Polycarbonate mirror sheet/ Polycarbonate mirror

Although people will be enchanted by the appearance of glass, the striking disadvantage is that the glass is easily broken. Given the conditions, polycarbonate mirror sheet has come in handy with a mirrored surface and made up for the fragile defect of glass. Polycarbonate mirror has a wide application on the automotive, cosmetics and correctional industries, etc.

4. Wear resistant (AR) polycarbonate sheet

The commonly used polycarbonate sheet gets scratches easily. In an effort to contend with this problem, TONON Polycarbonate has developed the wear resistant polycarbonate sheet to be used in products that require accumulated wear. And accordingly, the wear resistant (AR) polycarbonate sheet will slightly cost more, but considering long-term use, to invest the wear resistant (AR) polycarbonate sheet is worthy.

5. Multi layer polycarbonate sheet

Regarding the multi layer polycarbonate sheet, it's strong enough to be widely used as sunshades for stadiums, skylight and bus shelters, etc. It can maintain lighting for agricultural greenhouse, corridors and balcony, etc. As for a broader appetite for multi layer polycarbonate sheet, it has been already tested.

Final Words

The choice of types of polycarbonate sheet is huge, that's why we are here to help you have a better understanding of them. As a renowned polycarbonate sheet manufacturer, TONON Polycarbonate offers the best polycarbonate sheet solution for your project.



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