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Twin-Wall Polycarbonate Sheet Specification
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Twin-wall Polycarbonate sheet (also known as the sun sheet, glass Capron sheet, PC hollow sheet) is make from a high-performance engineering plastics - polycarbonate (PC), It has the characteristics of high transparency, light weight , impact resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, flame retardancy, anti-aging, etc

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Twin-Wall Polycarbonate Sheet Specification

Width: 2.1m or 1.22m
Length: No limited
Thickness: 3.0mm to 11.8mm
Standard Color: Clear,Blue,Green,Opal,Brown



The Production Process:

Feed virgin materials-Coextrusion UV resin-Coating protective film-Cutting-Sealing adge


Application Of Twin-Wall Polycarbonate Sheet:

Gallery Pavilion gardens, funfair exotic decoration and rest places;
Wall, roof, screens and other high-grade indoor decorative material;
Highway and urban elevated road noise barriers;
Agricultural greenhouse and breeding shed;
Modern eco-restaurant ceiling;
All units or cell cycle shed, the balcony sun canopy and roof rest kiosks shed;
Office buildings, department stores, hotels, villas, schools, hospitals, sports stadiums, entertainment centers and public facilities ceiling lighting et


About Our Company

Foshan Tonon Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a high-tech and new tech enterprise in Foshan City specializing in production of polycarbonate sheet (including of polycarbonate solid sheets,corrugated sheet and polycarbonate hollow sheet). Tonon's PC sheet made of 100% virgin Makrolon materials.The quality management is built and implemented in accordance with GB/T19001-2000ibt and ISO9001: 2000 The Hight-level team, advanced technology and first class manufacturing facilities ensure first-class quality .



Q1. What is our standard color?
A1: Clear(transparent) Blue Green Bronze Opal.

Q2. How long our quality can warranty?
A2: 10 years.

Q3.How long our delivery time?
A3: A week after your deposit.


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