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Plastic Rainbow Canopy
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Two pieces bracket ,one pieces Polycarbonate sheet,two pieces Alu profile.four pieces water proof rubber ,one set screw and carton packed .

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Rain Canopy Specification:

Panel: 2.5mm polycarbonate brown solid sheet
Bracket length: 600mm,800mm,1000mm,1200mm,1500mm
Bracket Color: White or Black
Bracket materials: Aluminum


Accessories Of Rain Canopy:
Two pieces bracket ,one pieces Polycarbonate sheet,two pieces Alu profile.four pieces water proof rubber ,one set screw and carton packed .

Rain Canopy Features:
1.It has completely changed the traditional practice of metal welding. The Tonon awning is assebled by brackets and Polycarbonate sheets. New concept and simple structure. The assembly parts are all machine mass production, quality and engineering quality are guaranteed.
2.It can safely resist the positive invasion of Typhoon 12.
3.The Polycarbonate awning adopts a special shade awning with characteristics of wind resistance, anti-corrosion, impact resistance and anti-aging.Strong and durable, it’s ruggedness allows a 4.5 kg iron ball to be lowered directly to ensure no damage. The service life of plastic awnings is 8-15 times that of ordinary awnings. The result of accelerated aging test is that slush plastic awnings can be used for over 20 years in bad weather conditions.
4.The Polycarbonate awning can better solve the problem of wind resistance and noise. which have self-cleaning rain, and silencer function.
5.Convenient for agent operation. There is no need for a workshop for ordinary awning, production workers, etc., only to install workers, or to outsource the operation costs.

Company Information

Foshan Tonon Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a high-tech and new tech enterprise in Foshan City specializing in production of polycarbonate sheet (including of polycarbonate solid sheets,corrugated sheet and polycarbonate hollow sheet). Tonon's PC sheet made of 100% virgin Makrolon materials.The quality management is built and implemented in accordance with GB/T19001-2000ibt and ISO9001: 2000 The Hight-level team, advanced technology and first class manufacturing facilities ensure first-class quality .

Foshan Tonon Company always takes it as the foundation of enterprise to provide customers with good quality and high standard PC sheet.and takes it as development orientation of safety and environmental protection.The Enterprises adhere oriented by market demand, in order to survive in good faith, development in scale, and customer’s satisfaction is purpose of service . the business objective is 'Famous brand, centuries enterprise', Foshan Tonon building materialsco.,LTD would supply first-class products, first-class service for new and old customers all over the world


Q1.What kind of Polycarboante sheet we can produce ?

A1: Twin-wall Polycarbonate sheet ,Four layer Polycarbonate sheet Honeycomb Polycarbonate sheet,solid Polycarbonate sheet.embossed Polycarbonate sheet,Frosted Polycarbonate sheet ,Corrugated Polycarbonate sheet.

Q2.If our sheet with anti-UV coating?

A2: Yes,Our Polycarbonate sheet with 50 micron anti-UV coating one side.Some solid sheet with two side anti-UV coating.

Q3.What raw materials we use?

A3: Sabic 0703R Makrolon 3113 Luxi 1609.


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