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Makrolon Diamond Embossed Polycarbonate Sheet
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Product Description:

Makrolon diamond embosed polycarbonate sheet is made from 100% makrolon polycarbonate materials,It has diamond pattern on surface.Compareing with glass ,it is lighter and higher impact strength. At the same time ,It has excellent safety in the application of the roof lighting part and also provides excellent lighting effects, and also excellent weather resistance and anti scratch, especially suitable for outdor roofings. Makrolon diamond embosed polycarbonate sheet can be cold bent and thermoformed when you want.


Makrolon Diamond Embosed Polycarbonate Sheet Specification:

Width: 2.1m 1.82m,1.56m or 1.22m
Length: No limited
Thickness: 2.5 mm to 10.0mm
Standard Color: Clear,Blue,Green,Opal,Brown


Advantages Of Makrolon Diamond Embosed Polycarbonate Sheet:

1.Through the co-extrusion technology, the UV protection layer is evenly firmly integrated with the polycarbonate substrate to make the sheet more durable. 2.It has extremely stable elastic deformation ability. Even if it is installed on the support structure with large spacing, it can still withstand large wind pressure.
3.Polycarbonate sheets are produced according to strict international standards.
4.Tailored polycarbonate sheet and specialized design and installation solutions.You can customize the polycarbonate sheet with special design and installation solution.

Application Range Of Makrolon Diamond Embosed Polycarbonate Sheet
1.Construction, industrial protection and skylight for factory buildings and shelter .
2.Pedestrian crossings for Stations, airports, ports, rest halls, ceilings of walkways.
3.Greenhouses for garden, agricultural , aquaculture and flower cultivation.
4.The roof of stadiums and playgrounds.
5.Parks, residents' communities, rest pavilions, corridor ceilings.
6.Advertising signs, sound proof walls of highway and urban elevated road.
7.Indoor partitions and architectural decoration and so on.


Q1. What thickness of products can we done?
A1: 0.7mm to 40mm.

Q2. what is our standard size?
A2: 2.1m*5.8m or 1.22m*2.44m.

Q3. What is our standard color?
A3: Clear(transparent) Blue Green Bronze Opal.

Q4. How long our quality can warranty?
A4: 10 years.

Q5.How long our delivery time?
A5: A week after your deposit.

Q6.What kind of Polycarboante sheet we can produce ?

A6: Twin-wall Polycarbonate sheet ,Four layer Polycarbonate sheet Honeycomb Polycarbonate sheet,solid Polycarbonate sheet.embossed Polycarbonate sheet,Frosted Polycarbonate sheet, Corrugated Polycarbonate sheet.

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