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Polycarbonate solid sheet

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Our polycarbonate solid sheets are transparent and have excellent impact resistance. This makes them the best choice for demanding applications. It is almost indestructible, as transparent as glass and half the weight. We can see that acrylics and polycarbonate have many similarities, but each one has its key advantages. Solid polycarbonate sheets offer many benefits, including being weather- and UV-resistant, lightweight, acoustic, and impact resistance. Polycarbonate lenses can also be used in various products, such as eyeglasses, headgear, and medical equipment. The solid polycarbonate clear sheets can be used as a replacement for glass. They are half the weight and 30% more impact-resistant than toughened glass. It provides outstanding lighting and safety, especially when used in lighting. It significantly reduces the weight of structural steel. You can choose from a range of colors for solid polycarbonates to match your architectural style. The solid panels of polycarbonate (PC), are made using imported polycarbonate materials and an internationally-advanced manufacturing process. A high level of UV-resistant material is evenly distributed over the surface by co-extruding the PC solid sheets with a UV coating. The UV co-extrusion technique guarantees a 10-year guarantee. Solid PC panels can be used for stadiums and railway stations, industrial plants as well as shopping malls, public buildings, skylights, interior decoration, and other special projects. The light transmission rate of PC panels is high, up to 80% like transparent glass.
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