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What are the uses of polycarbonate sheets? Polycarbonate's durability, weight, and flexibility make it versatile. It can be used in many markets including automotive, electronics, business, optical media and medical markets. There are many uses for ibr polycarbonate sheetings. Here are a few examples. 1. Greenhouses 2. Canopies 3. Vertical glazing 4. Displays 5. Industrial and curved skylights 6. Signage 7. Decked walkways 8. Covers for swimming pools What are the benefits of polycarbonate compact sheet? The translucent polycarbonate sheets are chemical resistant, abrasion-resistant, strong and impact resistant, UV protection and heat resistance, flame resistance, transparency, and workability. They can also be recycled. Polycarbonate sheets with multiple layers are excellent for thermal insulation and sound insulation. Our polycarbonate sheets can be co-extruded together with UV-protective layer and provide excellent impact resistance, a good strength-to-weight ratio and high insulation. They are also easy to use, energy-efficient and lightweight. We can provide polycarbonate roofing sheets for school canopy canopies upon request.
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