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Polycarbonate hollow sheet

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Because of their many benefits, polycarbonate hollow sheets are a popular choice for manufacturers across a variety of industries. The strength and design flexibility of pc hollow sheets are two of their greatest assets. Polycarbonate is 30x stronger than acrylic, and more than 200x stronger than glass. It is easier to mold and lighter than glass, but it is stronger than acrylic. Another advantage to hollow polycarbonates is their chemical and scratch resistance. Polycarbonate panels are resistant to water and can easily be sterilized for medical and food purposes. Polycarbonate's insulation properties are another benefit. Polycarbonate insulates more than glass and reduces energy consumption when used for construction. Polycarbonate is transparent and can be used where glass cannot, like covered skylights or glass security lights. Polycarbonate can be found in many forms and this versatility is one of its greatest benefits. The formulations can be very specific to each application. offers a wide range of different formulations and helps to select the right hollow core polycarbonate sheet for a particular application . If you need the benefits of pc lite polycarbonate hollow sheets, contact the technical team at to help you select the right material for your project.
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