Foshan Tonon Building Materials co Built from 2003, 16 years focus on Polycarbonate sheet production
Four layer Polycarboante sheet

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polycarbonate sheet is widely used today because of its many benefits. 1. polycarbonate roofing sheet is easy to build Because of its lightweight and durability, polycarbonate is simple to install. They can be fixed with support bars and screws or welded easily, without the assistance of hundreds. You don't need to rent or purchase additional machinery to cut them. You can even use scissors to do the job. 2. Affordability Blue polycarbonate sheet is light and easy to transport, handle, and carry. This reduces the cost of polycarbonate. 3. Versatility Ibr polycarbonate sheeting, unlike glass, allows for more creative design. White polycarbonate roof sheet can be used to create structures that look like domes or igloos, as well as many other architectural features. 4. Resistant Panels made of polycarbonate can withstand any kind of impact. These sheets can be used in areas that are susceptible to hail, rain, snow, and rocks. Because they can be broken, they are not as hazardous as glass and they are easy to clean, they are one of the most safest materials. It is highly flame-resistant and doesn't emit toxic fumes when lit. These sheets can be used in areas that are at risk of fire.
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