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Polycarbonate sheet Greenhouse structure
Polycarbonate sheet Greenhouse structure

1.The size of polycarbonate greenhouse
The polycarbonate greenhouse have different dimensions in different countries . But general speaking, the span of greenhouse is 6 ~~ 12m ,The bay is about 4m Eave height is 4m.If the multi-span greenhouse by natural ventilation, use of the side windows and roof windows joint, the maximum width should be limited in 50m best is about 30m; If the multi-span greenhouse mechanically ventilation, greenhouse maximum width could expand to 60m, but the best limit in 50m.The length of greenhouse best limit within 100m, but there is no strict requirements ;

2 The main structure
Polycarbonate greenhouse main structure generally use of galvanized steel, factory production, on-site installation. Due to polycarbonate sheet is light weight, It is weak for load resistance of wind ans snow , the stability of the whole structure must be fully considered, generally need to set the vertical bracing indoor cross or second bay, in the greenhouse should consider setting up the necessary space to support the external structure as well as on the roof. Preferably oblique support oblique rod anchorage in a base to form a space force system.

The polycarbonate greenhouse main structure must have capacity to resist fresh gale, general be required to resist whole gale

The main structure 's snow load carrying capacity is determined according to the local conditions in winter. In the north, the design of snow load carrying capacity should no be less than 0.35kN / square meter.

Regarding the Anniversary running polycarbonate greenhouse, should also consider other factors such as the weight of the equipment, plant hoists and maintenance.

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