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Polycarbonate board
Polycarbonate board

Crossing the street bridge solves the problem of people's travel, but the weather is always fickle. There is no place on the overpass that can be shaded and rainproof. If you install a canopy on the flyover, you can safely travel for people.

2. The transmittance of Shandong Sunshine board is not static. Taking transparent board as an example, the transmittance of general transparent PC double-layer solar panel is above 80%, and the transmittance of PC endurance board is about 90%. The thickness, the number of layers, the structure, and the color change will gradually decrease. C sun panels and PC endurance panels in greenhouse applications, what are their advantages and disadvantages.

Usually, when installing in summer, the reserved distance can be less. When installing in winter, the reserved space is larger. The embedded installation, the length of the plate should not be too long, because the longer the length, the greater the thermal expansion length. Our common greenhouses include PC board greenhouses and traditional plastic film greenhouses. Sunshine greenhouses are a new type of greenhouse that has been very popular in recent years. Sunshine is a high-quality plastic material. Many of its advantages are widely used in agricultural production.

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