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Little knowledge about pc board
Little knowledge about pc board

PC board is currently the world's most environmentally-friendly and energy-saving lighting material. It has the advantages of high light transmission, good strength, excellent outdoor weather resistance, convenient installation, and light weight. It has been widely used for many years in construction, agriculture, indoor partitions, Canopy, carport and other industries, but many customers still have low recognition of PC boards. Our company analyzes several issues that are widely concerned by customers:

1. Sunshine panel service life: The length of the service life of the solar panel mainly depends on the raw materials and production process. The composition of the PC raw material is very important. The life of the different raw materials is definitely different; the production process depends on whether there is a UV layer to prevent ultraviolet rays, whether the co-extrusion of UV is uniform, and whether the thickness of the UV reaches the standard.
2. Intensity of use: For civilian use, it is basically used as a sun shed, bicycle shed, car shed, aisle sun shed, etc. The thickness can be selected from 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm. The strength is unparalleled for an equivalent sheet.

3. Transportation: The PC board is solid. It is not recommended to put heavy items or sharp objects on the PC board during transportation. It must be lifted to prevent scratches when unloading. It is not suitable to be transported with corrosive chemical vehicles Transport; The length of custom plates should not be about 6 meters long. Of course, when the project requires extra long plates, you can find the corresponding vehicles for transportation.

4. During the installation process, do not fix the two ends first and then the middle. You should fix one end first and work in the same direction, otherwise it will cause intermediate stress concentration and deform or crack the product.

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