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It is important to use good polycarbonate sheeting
It is important to use good polycarbonate sheeting

Because of its exceptional characteristics, polycarbonate sheeting performs better than glass in special situations. It often produces unexpected results.

The classification and nature of polycarbonate sheeting.

The fastest-growing general engineering plastic is polycarbonate sheeting, also known as PC, sunlight panel. It is a polymer that contains carbonate groups in the molecular chains.

The sheet of polycarbonate is strong and elastic, has a high impact strength, high temperature range, and no coloring. It also has low overall forming shrinkage and good dimensional stability. It is also weather- and fatigue-resistant.

The new polycarbonate sheet, a high-quality decorative material, is popular worldwide. It is light and strong, has sound insulation, sound insulation, and is energy efficient. It is lighter than laminated, tempered, or hollow glass. It is also weather-resistant and super strong.

It can be divided into hollow and solid panels. Hollow panels have a higher impact strength and are more resistant to the impact of solid debris like sand or dust. They also have greater wind uncovering and snow load resistance. These panels are usually sealed waterproof with adhesive strips. Polycarbonate hollow sheet is due to its thin upper wall. The impact strength is generally, relying upon the node way pressure clip load resistance. Wind uncovering ability is also relatively weak.

The obvious benefits of polycarbonate sheeting for building are the following.

  1. Mechanical properties: High strength, fatigue resistance and dimensional stability. Also, creep is small (there is very little variation even in high temperatures).

2, Heat aging resistance: UL temperature index enhanced of 120 140

3, Solvent resistance: no stress cracking.

  1. Stability to Water: Easy to decompose when exposed to high temperatures and high humidity.

5, insulation performance: Excellent (moisture and high temperature can also preserve the electrical properties of Stable, making it the ideal material to manufacture electronic and other parts).

6, molding processability: common equipment injection molding or extrusion.

7: The most important aspect is light weight, ease of processing, transport, installation, shorter construction time, and less disaster damage

You can consult our product manager if you require more information on polycarbonate sheeting.


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