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Glass vs polycarbonate roof
Glass vs polycarbonate roof

Polycarbonate vs glass, Glass vs polycarbonate roof, Polycarbonate sheet vs glass

There is an age-old debate in the construction material industry: which is better glass or polycarbonate? Let's analyze it!

Polycarbonate roofing material, also called sun shield polycarbonate, is a new type of sunroof material after glass roofing panel. As a layman, you may be confused which material is better. In our inherent recognition, people have originally built sunroom with glass. However, those who own a glass sunroof found that the glass is easily dirty, vulnerable, and causes sultry summer heat in the house. As PC sheet has been introduced to the market, people have found the new niche in the building material industry. Which is better as roofing material: glass or polycarbonate sheet?

Research shows that polycarbonate board with a UV coating on its surface has proven to be not easy to be stained with dust, while the glass roof is easily to get dirty. You can just use a high-pressure water gun to clean the PC sheet.

The impact resistance of polycarbonate sheet is 250-300 times that of ordinary glass, 20-30 times that of acrylic sheet, and twice that of tempered glass.Therefore, polycarbonate sheet is dubbed "non-breaking glass". The unbreakable property of PC sheet makes it the ideal material for outdoor uses.

The light transmittance of polycarbonate board is the same as that of glass, but in terms of the heat insulation effect, there is a great deal of difference between the two. The ordinary glass easily poses sultry summer heat in the interior because it can't block UV rays. However, polycarbonate panel has a good heat insulation effect of 45% higher than that glass. It can be seen that the heat insulation effect between the glass and the PC panel contrasts sharply. Meanwhile, the mobile sunroom used in the polycarbonate roofing material improves ventilation condition by opening and closing intelligently, while the glass sunroom is hot and stuff, especially in the summer.

Additionally, colors such as light gray, dark gray, and frosted colors are highly recommended for better shading effect.

Final Debate

As referenced beforehand, clear polycarbonate roof panels have excellent properties by contrast with glass roof panels. Therefore, when it comes to the debate about glass vs polycarbonate roofs, it's clear to conclude that polycarbonate is better than glass to serve as sunroof material. Polycarbonate board is a new type of sunlight board, and its excellent performance makes it the first choice of roof material of sunlight house.




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