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Fiberglass vs Polycarbonate Roof Panels
Fiberglass vs Polycarbonate Roof Panels

When it comes to a long-standing debate about which material is better for roofing, the choice is usually fiberglass roofing sheet and polycarbonate roof panel. As a layman, it is difficult to find and identify the differences between the two materials. It can only be distinguished by comparison. Given the long-running and broader concerns about roofing material to buy and use, TONON Materials has come in handy to help point out the discrepancy between fiberglass roof panel and polycarbonate roof panel, so that you can make a wise choice!

Fiberglass vs Polycarbonate Roof Panels, Polycarbonate Or Fiberglass

Do you find yourself wandering around building material companies, hesitating between fiberglass roof tiles and polycarbonate roof tiles? You are not alone! My clients often encounter situations where they can’t make up their minds about our roofing materials, and they end up with nothing or both. We must remove this uncertainty and raise awareness of wise buying. When we provide you with suitable roof tiles, you don't need to worry about which is more suitable as we are professional polycarbonate sheet manufacturer who has a deep understanding of these two materials. If you want a detailed explanation and guide between the two, we are here to tell you in all aspects.

1. Roofing sheet material
Nowadays, the choice of roofing sheet materials is very rich. If you are considering installing a suitable new roof for your house, industrial, agricultural or commercial building, you may be confused by a range of roofing material choices.
In terms of roofing sheet materials, the glass fiber reinforced board is a composite material formed of film, resin and glass fiber, which is made by an oven grinding mechanism. Polycarbonate (PC) roof panels, as the name suggests, are made of polycarbonate, a strong thermoplastic material. Because different materials have different characteristics, appropriate wall and roof materials should be selected according to environmental characteristics and specific requirements.

2. Light transmittance of roof tiles
It cannot be ignored that natural lighting is one of the basic components of architecture. Greenhouses, factory roofs, barns, skylights, etc. require good lighting. Does your building suffer from insufficient light? One way to solve the lack of light is to install lightweight roof tiles or wall tiles with excellent light transmittance. The study found that the glass fiber roof panel and the polycarbonate roof panel have good light transmittance.
Polycarbonate roof tiles and FRP roof tiles are mainly used for roof daylighting, such as polycarbonate greenhouse panels, FRP greenhouse panels, fiberboard for household roofs, FRP corrugated car factories, fiberboard shed roofs, which can effectively save energy and make the building more beautiful atmosphere.
The light transmittance of glass fiber lighting tile is 0-85%, while the polycarbonate transparent tile can reach 90%. In terms of lighting effects, the difference is that FRP roof panels are diffuse lighting, while polycarbonate roof panels are generally direct lighting.

3. Fire resistance
Because of flame retardant properties, polycarbonate roof panels are the good option in some places that are prone to fire, such as textile factories, warehouses, and oilfield plants.
The fire resistance of PC sheet is higher than that of glass fiber board. PC roof tiles can reach the national B1 flame retardant standard without adding any flame retardants, while the resin of FRP transparent tiles is a flammable material. It should be noted that if you make FRP flame retardant bricks, you need to customize and add flame retardants.

4. Construction cost
In order to match the roof steel plate, the roof transparent fiberboard can be customized at low cost according to your needs. And the customization only takes 2 days.
However, polycarbonate roof panels are dominated by flat panels, and there are few sections to choose from, which cannot match the steel panels of roof panels well. If customized, it will cost more money and time.

5. Service life
The life of glass fiber reinforced board is more than 15 years, and the life of polycarbonate board is about 5-10 years.
The main difference between them is the anti-ultraviolet additive. There is a 20-micron DuPont Melinex 301 anti-ultraviolet film on the surface of the fiberglass roof panel, which can protect it from more than 99% of ultraviolet rays and corrosion. The polycarbonate roof panel resists ultraviolet rays by adding anti-ultraviolet additives to the resin, and at the same time reduces the purity of the raw materials, which affects the performance of the panel. And in the long run, the final result is that anti-ultraviolet rays are not long-term effective, and PC roof panels are prone to aging, fragility and yellowing.

6. Resilience
What are the differences between these roof panels? It's toughness!

In terms of toughness ans rigidity, it exits discrepancy between these two materials. As for FRP roof panel, it has good rigidity, but has average toughness which means it bends not easily. While when it comes to polycarbonate roof panel, it has average stiffness, but very good toughness, and can be bent into various radians.

7. Polycarbonate roof sheet price, and fiber sheet for roof price
As customers, in addition to product quality, price is also what they care about most!
The price of fiberglass roof panels is more affordable than that of polycarbonate panels. Usually, the price of fiberboard for roof is around RMB 90 per square meter. The cost per square meter of double-layer glass fiber board is about 180 yuan. The price of polycarbonate roof panel is about 100 yuan per square meter, but it needs aluminum edge pressing, so the total cost of polycarbonate board per square meter is more than 200 yuan.
It’s worth noting that prices vary depending on the design, strength, and color of the product.

What’s the ultimate debate?

What's the ultimate debate: Fiberglass vs Polycarbonate Roof Panels? As reference beforehand, each roofing sheet has its own advantages. When in the decision to the roofing material, we need to consider these reference factors such as environment, cost, and roof tile performance, etc. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!



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