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Do you know the type of canopy?
Do you know the type of canopy?

Canopy is a kind of building cover used in modern society. It can reduces damage from extreme weather.
There are many types of canopies, which can be divided into:
1. The top of the glass panel canopy is tempered glass or laminated safety glass, both of which are safety glass.
Suitable for all kinds of office buildings, factories, villas, etc.
Glass canopy uses tempered laminated glass. The difference between tempered laminated glass and ordinary tempered glass is tempered glass.
Plexiglas refers to the further and safer handling of glass after tempering, bonding two pieces of glass together.
After the glass breaks, flying K will not hurt people and play a safety role. Because it is the middle layer, the film is tough and attached.
It has strong force, and is not easy to penetrate after being damaged by impact, and the fragments will not fall off, and it is tightly bonded with the cornea.
Compared with other glass, tempered laminated glass has the characteristics of shock resistance, anti-theft, bullet-proof, explosion-proof, so Tempered glass is more safe during use.

2. The aluminum frame panel canopy frame is mainly steel structure, with aluminum plate on the top.
Advantages of aluminum canopy: aluminum alloy does not rust, does not deform, and there is no need to worry about falling objects from high altitude.
Bad aluminum plate canopy, steel structure aluminum plate canopy has long life, high-grade atmosphere, suitable for airport, bank, large super
City, government engineering, school, hotel, villa, etc.

3. PC panel canopy. PC board canopy can be divided into endurance board canopy and sunlight board canopy. This kind of canopy is characterized by light weight and quality guarantee can reach more than ten years. It is especially suitable for greenhouse sheds and car sheds.

Canopies of various materials have suitable use scenarios, so when choosing a canopy, it must be combined with the actual use site so that it can be used to the maximum extent.

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