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Do you know how to install polycarbonate?
Do you know how to install polycarbonate?

How to install polycarbonate?
1. Polycarbonate board should follow the direction of force when bending, and must not bend laterally. The bending radius should be the thickness of the plate: 175 times for the hollow two-layer board, 185 times for the three-layer board, and 200 times for the four-layer board. The bending radius of a solid endurance plate is also less than 175 times the thickness.
It is strictly forbidden to fix the bent part of the plate with screws.
2. When installing hollow boards and solid endurance boards, the thermal expansion gap must be reserved according to the size of the board at the joint between the board and the board. The coefficient of thermal expansion is 0.065mm / mC. Self-tapping screws, pull rivets, etc. are not allowed to pass directly through the board. fixed. If you want to pass through, you must drill an enlarged hole with a diameter greater than 100% of the diameter of the self-tapping nail or pull rivet in the plate, and then lower the self-tapping nail or rivet through the center of the enlarged hole to ensure that the plate can be free in any direction. Telescopic.
3. The steel structure skeleton must be installed firmly and balanced to avoid damage to the polycarbonate plate due to the skeleton.

4. The steel structure skeleton material must conform to the structure area, which is convenient for construction.
5. The thickness of the aluminum alloy bead is consistent with the thickness and area of ​​the purchased plate, which can better protect the plate and prolong the service life.
6. The sealant in contact with the polycarbonate plate must use neutral silicon copper sealant. It is strictly forbidden to use alkaline, acidic, chemically unknown sealants containing solvents. Avoid direct contact of the polycarbonate sheet with chemical solvents, solutions and volatile gases. If the polycarbonate support is sprayed with paint diluted with thin materials, the polycarbonate sheet must be completely dry before painting. It is strictly prohibited The thinner paint dilutes the steel frame of the installed polycarbonate sheet.
7.Polycarbonate ester board must be installed and fixed by our company's special anti-leakage set
Fasteners or special flat strips provided by our company.
Ensure that the material of the rubber strip is BPDM rubber or butyl rubber. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is strictly prohibited.
Natural rubber and other strips contain substances that are harmful to polycarbonate boards.
8. When installing the polycarbonate plate, be sure to place the sheet with a UV co-extruded UV-protective layer with a text-protective film on the side-do not face it outdoors. After installation, immediately remove the protective film to avoid passing the sun After exposure, the protective film adheres to the polycarbonate sheet.

9. Before installing the polycarbonate sheet, peel off the protective film about 30mm from the edge. It is strictly forbidden to press the protective film under the profile, and then use a knife to cut open the protective film. There must be no scratches on any part of the polycarbonate sheet.
10. The cut section of the polycarbonate plate is sealed with aluminum foil tape or waterproof and breathable tape to prevent water vapor, dust and bugs from entering the air, which affects the transparency and aesthetics of the carbonic acid ester board.

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