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Do you know about polycarbonate hollow sheet?
Do you know about polycarbonate hollow sheet?

With similar benefits and properties, polycarbonate hollow sheets are an economical alternative to solid polycarbonate panels. It has high light transmission and thermal insulation. This leads to lower costs because there is less artificial light. Polycarbonate hollow sheets are stronger than other glazing materials and are easier to install and require less structural support. This material is ideal for many roofing and cladding applications, especially in the case of multi-layer panel extrusions.

Advantages of polycarbonate hollow sheets

  1. High impact resistance

This is what engineers and designers want most. Polycarbonate products are often flexible and therefore highly impact resistant.

  1. Flame Retardant

These materials are rated as HB grade flame retardant. Most of these materials can only ignite at 630°C. Polycarbonate sheets have the advantage of being self-extinguishing. Even if ignited at 630°C, the fire will not spread.

  1. Light weight

Polycarbonate hollow panels are 1/8 the weight of glass of the same thickness. they are self-supporting and do not require any structural support. This allows for significant savings in both construction and labor costs.

  1. Weather resistance

Panels made of hollow polycarbonate are weather resistant. They can be used indoors and outdoors. They are also resistant to wear and tear as well as changing environmental conditions.

  1. Easy to install

Flexible polycarbonate hollow panels are possible. It can be cold formed to many different bending radii and can be manufactured in the field to exact dimensions.

  1. Light transmittance

They are light-transmissive and have good light transmission. The thickness of the polycarbonate sheet will determine its light transmission. These sheets are available in many thicknesses and sizes.

You can find polycarbonate sheetings in various colors on the market!

The amount of light that can pass through a polycarbonate sheeting without treatment is usually very high. Today, different colors are available for different light transmission. Transparent, milky white and "orange peel", are the most popular. Transparent "orange peel", cream and bronze colors help reduce the increase of solar heat, while transparent "orange" and "cream" colors provide diffused light for your interior. These are the most popular colors for exterior walls, walls and conservatory applications. Although colored panels made from polycarbonate are very beautiful, they require a small order to produce.

If you need any information about polycarbonate hollow sheetls, please feel free to ask our product managers!

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