Foshan Tonon Building Materials co Built from 2003, 16 years focus on Polycarbonate sheet production
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Buy Long lasting Polycarbonate Sheets
Buy Long lasting Polycarbonate Sheets

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With a general encounter of 16 or more years in assembling very good quality Polycarbonate Sheet, we are acquiring fruitful force in this industry.

We have 11 creation lines that assist us with assembling great sheets that are amazingly impressive and successful and oppose longer in each condition.

Clear polycarbonate in bulk!

We have a total scope of imaginative items for you, including Clear polycarbonate, polycarbonate empty sheets, shade, shelters, acrylic obstructions, polycarbonate profound handling, and considerably more. PC sheets are comprised of 100% virgin Makrolon material and give strength to the item.

Buy Solid Polycarbonate Sheets!

Our top-class producing process, profoundly gifted group and imaginative innovation guarantee the best result for us. Subsequently, we have laid a non-removable establishment on the lookout for conveying top-quality polycarbonate sheets.

Strong Polycarbonate Sheets are accessible in various assortments, including clear rooftop boards, Anti-UV material sheets, P-clear polycarbonate sheets, strong sheets, and some more. Strong sheets are comprised of unadulterated SABIC polycarbonate material, which gives it a straightforward look, yet it gauges a large portion of the heaviness of the glass. Accordingly, it is profoundly resistible in outrageous climate conditions and giving lighting impacts.

Solid Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate Roof made in China

It is available in different colours, including clear, blue, green, opal, and brown. Its thickness is 0.6mm to 18mm with a width of 2.1m, 1.82m, 1.56m, or 1.22m. Length is not a barrier for us as we can manufacture and deliver polycarbonate sheets of any length per the customer's requirement.

Our product has extreme elastic deformation ability, and it can be easily installed from small spacing area to large spacing area. We follow strict international standards to manufacture our products and make sure they are of top-quality material and manufacturing.

We have already given our esteemed service to more than 1200 customers, and we are ready to serve more in the coming years. To get the more information about the company, then you can end your hunt or search at our official website anytime.

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